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Customer Acquisition

Keywords with Shortcode Option

Use our simple shortcode – 87000 – with your memorable keywords so Prospects can text you for your offers

Opt-Ins Receive Local Responses

Don’t answer OPT-INS with a short code response – Instead respond from the local business line for better personalization & engagement, automatically!

“Text-Us-Now” Support on Website

Many customers prefer to text businesses so text-enable your phone line and website with this widget to easily attract & better serve customers

Sophisticated Drip Campaigns

Automatically put OPT-IN leads on a nurturing drip campaign to generate sales until they are ready to do business with you

TCPA Compliance with AI

Use patented artificial intelligence technology to automatically flag customer conversations likely to cause compliance issues

Appointment & Reservations Scheduling

Offer appointment links to make it easy for prospects/clients to set up consultations or reservations to further enable the seling process

Customer Service & Support

Text-Enabling of Local Phones

Text-Enable existing, local landlines, VOIP & Toll-Free numbers easily so customers receive your messages from a familiar number

One to Many & 1:1 Communication

Promote 2-WAY text conversations and group messaging to better serve and engage customers – stores history for reference.

Unlimited Customer Tags

Tags allow list segmentation to target customers & prospects with personalised, timely & relevant information

Full Appointment Scheduling

Rich, self-service appointment scheduling capability synchronized with local calendars allowing clients to book their own appointments with auto-reminders

Event-Triggered Campaigns

Integrations with CRM or back-end systems ensure that customers get targeted messages based on their specific customer journey

Customer Surveys, Reviews & Referrals

Send personalized texts for satisfaction surveys, requests for reviews & referrals

Marketing Programs

Customizable Templates/Campaigns

Create your own branded campaign templates and frequently used messages that can be modified by local stores/locations

Customizable Rich Media Library

Create branded media for messages to generate more attention to campaigns — Photos, Links, Flyers, Coupons, Animations, Emojis

Campaign Management & KPIS

Daily, Weekly, Monthly reposts reviewing campaign execution & performance to determine what works best

Auto-Improving Lists

Faulty numbers & landlines automatically detected and reported for on-going list improvement. Alternate numbers used automatically, if provided

Text Blasts & Recurring Campaigns

Schedule messages in advance as A one-time blast or recurring messages for schedules, notices, policy updates and more


Send alerts & reminders for flash sales, events, updates, renewals, tasks for groups

System-Wide Benefits

Personalized Campaigns

Customer data and web forms provide dynamic fields to personalize customer messages from staff for better engagement. A multi-location organization can delegate customization to each location

Unlimited 1-To-1 Messages

All ONE-TO-ONE messaging, incoming and outgoing are free of charge with Textellent account

Texting On-The-Go With Privacy (No Phone App Needed)

Patented technology allows text responses from private cell phones without ever revealing private number

CRM + Back Office Integrations

With the integration, texts are auto-triggered based on customer events – order confirms, delivery info, appointment reminders and more—white labeling available

Local & System-Wide Business Intelligence Reporting

Extensive BI dashboards to monitor system-wide and local campaign status & results enabling HQ to more effectively support field operations

Scaleable Architecture

Built from the outset to serve large organizations, high volumes of personalized messages can be sent securely and reliably

Textellent Messenger (Chrome Extension)

Utilize texting applications & messages history from within CRM, back-office or any web applications where mobile numbers are available