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Pricing for Tax Package

Tax Preparations Solutions

The Tax package is priced separately from our other packages because it is designed specifically for accounting and tax professionals since it includes integration capabilities with all the leading tax packages reflected on Tax Page.

The integration includes a series of automated and personalized texting campaigns that seamlessly leverage the non-sensitive client data in your tax software.

Automated campaigns include:

  • Timed invitations to get clients to start their returns based on prior year timing
  • A Robust scheduling system that allows client to book their own appointments (optional)
  • Automated appointment reminders to reduce no shows and chase calls
  • Reminders of missing paperwork needed to complete returns
  • Holiday and Happy Birthday greetings send through-out the year

Pricing is based on number of offices and number of client returns. Scheduling software component is optional. Please use this calculator to obtain your exact pricing. See additional details below.

One-time activation fee

  • $39 per office payable after trial.
  • It covers part of the cost associated with getting your dedicated phone number in your area code and setting up your account.

Monthly or Yearly Subscription fee for base package

  • The amounts vary based on number of offices and clients. Please use the Price Calculator on the right to get the exact amounts.
  • Yearly option offers a 15% discount.

Fee for the Appointment add-ons

  • $300 per year per office with under 1,000 clients.
  • $450 per year per office with over 1,000 clients.

Text Blast usage fee

Text Blast feature is optional. If you decide to use it, the fee is 5.9 cents per picture text or 3.9 cents per plain text sent.

Note: When you send a Text Blast and your recipients respond back by texting or calling, we incur cost per text message received as well as per minute for any incoming call, but there is no charge to you for that.

We guarantee multiple times in Revenue or cancel anytime! Ask us about “Return on Investment” from our clients at your practice size.